We are thrilled to share that the CBS This Morning segment featuring Sonia’s first TV interview surrounding the launch of A World Together – was absolutely phenomenal! You can view the full segment here.

Sonia and the show’s host, Gayle King, walked through the ins and outs of the book during their incredible 5-minute segment – including the meaning behind it, Sonia’s process of writing it, and about why its core message is so important… now more than ever. Throughout the segment, Gayle held up a physical copy of the book and reiterated the name of the title multiple times for her viewers; they even read through a few meaningful excerpts and highlighted powerful photos from it’s pages throughout their conversation. A handful of screenshots can be found below.

Sonia and Gayle closed out the segment by sharing that A World Together is currently available for purchase NOW. Gayle also made sure to share her personal opinion of A World Together with her viewers as she left the set, stating “it’s REALLY good, and we’re not just saying that. And it’s affordable, too!”

A HUGE thanks goes out to Sonia for bringing this wonderful feature to life – you did an absolutely fantastic job on set, and Marisa TRULY enjoyed your company behind-the-scenes, too!

Sonia with Gayle King

Sonia and Tony Dokoupil