The title of this essay is a paraphrase of something a Native American leader said in response to the government treatment of his people.  Even after the Native Americans had been soundly beaten, the victors insisted they give up their language, children and customs.  In short, the government wasn’t satisfied to simply win, it had to humiliate and punish further.

I think of those words “Must an Eagle Fly Like a Crow” as the Democrats decide whether to A, obstruct the GOP’s every move or B, work with them.

Let’s consider option A, obstruct the GOP’s every move. My guess is it would send a message but nothing would get done because the GOP has all the power anyway. 

Let’s consider option B, work with them.  I don’t see these Republican sore winners working with anyone. The GOP has won, yet Bannon is still talking about fighting everyday to get the country back.  Republicans win but can’t resist kicking their vanquished in the head for good measure, so working with them is out of the question, as well.

So I don’t know which direction the Democrats should go in, but as I try to recover from the daily kick in the head, I think I know a little bit about how Native American people have felt all through the ages.