I always talk about diversity as I travel the country on speaking engagements.  Of course, I share that sentiment, not only because we are Americans and it is the right and moral thing to do; I also talk about diversity as a good way to solve problems.

I’ll give you an example.  I used to volunteer for a group dedicated to cleaning up the Bronx River, which flowed through my old neighborhood.  The Bronx River connects one of the poorest neighborhood in the USA, (my old one) and one of the wealthiest, Westchester County.  That made the mix of people at Bronx River Alliance meetings racially and economically diverse.  Our dissimilarity allowed us to look at problems differently, allowing us to come up with better solutions faster

The Democratic Party is having trouble delivering a message that is more than platitudes we all already know. (Yes, everyone should have a shot at the American Dream; yes, higher education should be easy to obtain; yes, everyone should have health care etc.) But it’s all the same stuff we keep hearing.

Maybe the Democratic Party needs a shot of multiculturism in their veins to help come up with a clear message.  If the GOP is not what it used to be, perhaps the Democratic Party should change as well.  Perhaps it should become the party of multiculturalism where thinking and openness are welcomed in order to solve specific problems.  Maybe it should become the party that uses diversity to create as opposed to using “monoculturism” to destroy or divide.

Could be?