Bronx Lessons and Democratic Party

I always talk about diversity as I travel the country on speaking engagements.  Of course, I share that sentiment, not only because we are Americans and it is the right and moral thing to do; I also talk about diversity as a good way to solve problems. I’ll give you...

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Must an Eagle Fly Like a Crow?

The title of this essay is a paraphrase of something a Native American leader said in response to the government treatment of his people.  Even after the Native Americans had been soundly beaten, the victors insisted they give up their language, children and customs....

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As We Lurch From Crises to Crises

We lurch from crises to crises.  I, for one feel very confused and welcome reading the rants and raves that I so agree with.  But I wonder if we should be careful that those rants and raves make us lose focus.  I read the President’s style of governing was to confuse...

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The Battle Continues (a Letter from Hillary for America)

Thank you, Sonia. Thank you for being a part of this campaign. We didn't get the result we wanted, and of course we will always regret that. But when everything we believe in was on the line, we stood up and battled and gave it our all. I take great pride in that. I...

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It’s Rigged!

All this Trump talk about things being rigged makes me have to share this.  I was robbed of an Academy Award for Sophie’s Choice in the late 80’s.  Yes, indeed. First of all, it was originally called Sonia’s Choice, but when the powers that be, saw my remarkable...

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Thoughts about assault messages (in the Presidential race)

Thoughts about assault messages: In my memoir, Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South Bronx, I describe how, as a first grader, I had been surrounded by boys who stuck their fingers up my skirt during recess. They only stopped probing when they heard the bell...

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Considering voting for a third party candidate as a protest?

To those considering voting for a third party candidate as a protest vote:    When I did research for my book The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano I read up on some of the leaders of the The Young Lords, a group of Puerto Rican political activists of the late 1960’s.   ...

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