We lurch from crises to crises.  I, for one feel very confused and welcome reading the rants and raves that I so agree with.  But I wonder if we should be careful that those rants and raves make us lose focus.  I read the President’s style of governing was to confuse people and keep them off guard?  He has certainly succeeded in doing that — American citizens are confused and his fellow politicians have been caught off-guard. He has thrown the lives of people all over the world into some degree of chaos as well.

I am trying to channel my feeling by setting aside some time each day to email, or write a representative. Today I sent one sentence to Mitch McConnell asking him to uphold the constitution.  I thanked Lindsey Graham and John McCain for trying to uphold the constitution.  I also sent some money to the ACLU. 

Of course, if you can address every cause, it’s wonderful.  But a way to not get overwhelmed is to pick any one wrong, you want to right.  Is it the injustice of people losing Medicare that concerns you? The negative frightening effect media is having on children. Is it the environment or LGBT issues that keep you up at night?  Is it immigrants? Is it the re-organization of the National Security Council? Is it the Supreme Court nominee?

Defending the Constitution will be arduous, as President Barack Obama has said many times. I will try to do that by focusing, and using the tools democracy has set up for me to use, in lieu of rants.