Sonia was part of the 2021 American Academy of Arts and Sciences initiative. Throughout the year they examined the impact and importance of arts in American Society. Sonia was involved in projects that also featured John A. Lithgow, Sonia Manzano, Allentza Michel, Porché Hardy, Mario Rossero, and Nemisa Samanthapudi.

Have you ever thought about how important the arts are to our society? No matter your background some form of arts and culture is of value to you.

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Commission on the Arts is pleased to announce the release of two important reports this fall. Arts for Life’s Sake, focused on arts education, and Art is Work, focused on the creative workforce, are two reports conveying the vital importance of arts and culture in American life.

For the arts education report, we held listening sessions with students and arts educators, researchers and adults of types of careers and collected stories in many ways, including a partnership with HitRecord.

For the creative workforce report, we held many meetings with experts and business leaders, advocates and policy professionals.

This not about simply going to museum or a concert. The arts make meaning to us, and we all engage or practice arts learning and arts making in some way that matters. These reports are intended to open conversation with people of all backgrounds and interests, because the arts cuts across all of us.We are asking you to check out these reports and share them!

We also invite you view the Mixtape online, a gallery collection of artistic presentations and performances featuring some household name artists and performers.

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