Alma’s Way – Launch Day Coverage Report 10-4-21

alma way on pbs

The New York Times – Interview and photo shoot with Sonia, interviews with Ellen, Jorge, Summer, and Linda (122,817,297 UVM) and ran in print (1,464,645 impressions)

The Washington Post – Q&A interview with Sonia, in which the reporter shares her personal perspective

Variety – TV highlight (34,312,969 UVM)

  • Also ran in print (7,429,045 impressions)

Associated Press (AP) – Interview with Sonia, Ellen, and Summer (28,529,168 UVM)

Pick up includes:

MSN (217,263,054 UVM)

Yahoo! News (67,549,069 UVM)

The Washington Post  (67,182,056 UVM)

SF Gate (18,478,079 UVM) (18,478,079 UVM)

Yahoo! Entertainment (11,507,951 UVM)

SF Chronicle (4,815,597 UVM)

Star Tribune (3,770,809 UVM)

Today Show – Interview with Sonia (​​14,920,907 UVM)
Pick up includes:
MSN (217,263,054 UVM)

EW – “What to Watch” highlight (13,549,060 UVM)
Pick-up includes:
Yahoo! Entertainment (11,507,951 UVM)

PopSugar – Feature story (11,968,858 UVM) – Feature story (8,070,950 UVM)

The Seattle Times – “What to Watch” highlight (6,178,266 UVM)

TribLive – Feature story (3,417,360 UVM) 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  Feature story (2,920,547 UVM)

Pick up includes:

TV Insider – TV highlight (2,694,352 UVM)

Romper – Feature story (2,044,404 UVM)

Pittsburgh Today Live – Segment (1,867,250 UVM)

  • Also shared a link on Twitter(4.8K followers)

News12 The Bronx – Interview with Sonia (1,715,945 UVM)
Pick up includes:

NPR “Weekend Edition” – Interview with Sonia (595,132 UVM)
Also ran in:

Albuquerque Journal – Interview with Sonia (574,607 UVM)
Pick up includes:
Yahoo! News (67,549,069 UVM)

Broadcasting + Cable – Feature story (409,046 UVM)

Central Recorder – Feature story (270,195 UVM)

Animation Magazine – Feature story with interview with Sonia and Ellen (218,696 UVM)

  • Also shared on Twitter(64.8K followers)

AWN – Feature story (231,849 UVM)

  • Also shared on Twitter(41.7K followers)

The Toy Insider – Feature Story (86,999 UVM)

  • Also shared on Twitter(38.5K followers)

Channel Guide – TV highlight (64,198 UVM)

BronxNet “Bronx Talk” – Interview with Sonia and Ellen (10,008 UVM)

The Children’s Hour – Public radio interview with Sonia (N/A)

World News Era  TV highlight (N/A)

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